I make people who are working in silos become a rockstar team. And I also set up a workplace that supports them to become even greater. I make individuals love being part of software development team. I make their customers love working with them. Because I bring joy to software development again. I believe people are the heartbeat of software development hence people need to be treated right. I believe there are great people behind every great software. I believe that high quality code is the primary factor for people to work in sustainable pace.

I believe Scrum is how creative workers should work in 21st century. I constantly finding ways to develop better software better. I believe Scrum is a great starting point for organisations to be Agile. As a Scrum Trainer I am not tied to a single approach or solution as every organisation is unique. I also master other Agile techniques and approaches like eXtreme Programming and Kanban besides Scrum. I constantly find ways to develop better software better and improve the whole enterprise processes.

Throughout my professional years as Scrum trainers, I have helped organisations with mission critical software get the most out of Scrum, from Medical Instruments Company, Airlines Company, Banks, Insurance companies, credit card payment gateway and even companies serving the defence and aerospace markets. Over the years I have trained and coached more than 5000 people from Fortune 500 companies like Dell, Intel, Motorola, AirAsia, Allianz, Siemens, ANZ, Accenture, Conoco Phillips, TOTAL Indonesie to get the most value out of Scrum.

But nothing excites me more than seeing people enjoying their life and work because my focus is the customer I am working with.

I still write code until today as I coach many Software Developers to develop better software better. I love Ruby, C# and Go as a programming language. Not only I am technically sound I am also business savvy having helped many Product Owners to get the most out of their product.