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  • I can recommend Joshua as a highly competent trainer with great proficiency and deep knowledge of the Scrum framework. Joshua is detail oriented, innovative, and encourages his trainees to be self organised. It’s amazing to have been trained by such a person. If you need a highly effective Scrum.Org trainer, Joshua is the right person for the Job.

    Isaac Samuel from Sydney, Australia attended Professional Scrum Master Certification Course
  • I attended Joshua’s training without knowing much about Scrum, thus, without much expectation. However, throughout the training, Joshua’s passion and belief towards Scrum were clearly demonstrated through his coaching and mentoring. His training was lively and there were a lot of interactive sessions. At the end of the training, I discovered so much about Scrum and I couldn’t wait to introduce this framework to my team. Joshua is just great and wonderful. I would highly recommend him as a Scrum trainer. Two thumbs up for him!

    Tau Wei from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia attended Professional Scrum Master Certification Course
  • I attended a two days Professional Scrum Foundations training given by Joshua. He taught us the concepts in an interactive and innovative way. By the end of the course not only we gained practical experience, but he also helped us to draft a strategy for applying Scrum in our team. A truly rewarding experience.

    Robin Dorpe from Hong Kong, China attended Professional Scrum Foundations
  • I was fortunate to have a chance to attend Joshua’s Scrum Master course in Bangalore,India. Joshua is highly motivated Scrum Coach. He makes you realize when and how Scrum can be applied for Projects,in simple and interactive way.

    Well thought case studies and discussions force you to think out of the box. He is a real Master,has great patience and tact to answer every question. I would recommend Joshua’s course to anyone willing to understand Scrum.

    Mayuri Gandhi from Pune, India attended Professional Scrum Master Certification Course
  • I was fortunate to have a chance to take Joshua’s Scrum Master course in Seoul, Korea. As a design-centered startup founder who’s worked with many hackers over the years, it was very helpful to finally learn the official Scrum framework. Joshua’s course will give you the taste of the the Scrum way of thinking without spoon-feeding the “right” answers, letting you form your own mental model and your own decisions. I’ll be honest – Scrum is no silver bullet and I may not want to adopt it as-is. But I appreciate that Joshua’s course laid it out well so that I can form my own opinions.

    Keywon Chung from Seoul, South Korea attended Professional Scrum Master Certification Course
  • I attended the Professional Scrum Master course conducted by Joshua in April 2013 at Dubai.

    Joshua’s 2 day sprint was really a breeze to attend. He in-fact showed us by example how to play the role of a Scrum Master. By facilitating healthy discussions, he helped us to derive the answers. In-fact, this is what a Scrum Master does best. He knows that, we the “Development Team” in this case had at-least 10+ years of experience in managing Projects.

    His job, which he very smoothly executed was to Facilitate our open discussion and help us realize that Knowledge workers need not be commanded or controlled. For a defined goal, they will come up with the best approach.

    I would whole-heartedly recommend Joshua’s course to anyone interested in learning the fine art & science of being a Scrum Master

    Nihas Abdul Rahman from Dubai, UAE attended Professional Scrum Master Certification Course
  • I came to the class conducted by Joshua last week with a skeptical mind as I’ve seen a lot of instances where Agile Scrum easily being misused and waiting for this to question the quality and reliability of Scrum.

    Most of us looking for theoretical and practical in Agile Scrum, but Joshua nailed it with even bigger than that. Something that last longer to the attendees and it’s a self-realization and beliefs. Scrum is not a methodologies, processes or best practices. It’s a framework that really fits into the current software development world where self-organization, creativity and innovation is more important than ever.

    Being innovative or being in agile scrum takes courage. I believe a stagnant status-quo will be wiped out very soon in Southeast Asia.

    And I thought the training was simply brilliant. Thanks Josh! Scrum on!

    Fairul Rizal from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia attended Professional Scrum Master Certification Course
  • Joshua made learning Scrum easy and totally clear that one can walk in and tweak one’s mindset and leave with Scrum enabled mentality. I would totally recommend everyone who are involve in the software development team to attend your Scrum Master course with Joshua. You’ll definitely have great fun learning Scrum with him!

    Celia Lau from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia attended Professional Scrum Master Certification Course
  • Joshua’s passion is not only limited to teaching Scrum but also about helping organizations improve their processes. He certainly demonstrated this to us. His training is informative and really engages user participation. I highly recommend it to organizations who want to embrace Scrum.

    Harriet Chua from Cebu City, Philippines attended Professional Scrum Master Certification Course

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