The Professional Scrum Developer (PSD) training is a 3-day course that teaches how to create great software using the Scrum framework. Working in a series of Sprints, teams of students collaborate, apply modern engineering practices, and use the Scrum framework to cope with changes. They learn how to develop increments of potentially releasable functionality from a realistic Product Backlog.

Students concurrently do requirements engineering, design, development, testing, integration, and deployment within a single iteration. The course teaches how Agile engineering practices and supportive Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) software tools improve a team’s capabilities even more.

Professional Scrum Developer (PSD) course is THE cutting-edge course for teams of software developers, architects, testers and business analysts who are responsible for delivering high-quality software product in an Agile environment. This is a full hands-on experience course that goes beyond concepts.


The Professional Scrum Developer course is suitable for any member of a software development team, including architects, programmers, database developers, testers, designers, technical writers, analysts and others with some technical knowledge.

Product Owners, Scrum Masters, and other stakeholders are welcome to attend this class so long as they keep in mind that everyone who attends will be expected to fully participate on their development team.


All Professional Scrum Developer courses cover three main topics:


PSD courses simulates being part of a Scrum team to expose students to the core Scrum concepts in action. Students learn how to work as part of a Scrum team, which requires them to understand techniques for self-organization. Through the course students develop skills in identifying and overcoming common Scrum Team dysfunctions.


PSD courses teach students how to leverage different development tools to employ Scrum practices. Students learn how to map specific tool features and functions to the general Scrum practices they must use to be effective team members.

Currently the Professional Scrum Developer course is available with Java, .NET, PHP, Python and Ruby. Please contact us for further details about this program.

Best Practices

PSD courses cover all of the technical practices that team members need to successfully implement and ship functionality. These include coding practices like test-driven development, continuous integration, emergent architecture, clean-coding and refactoring; release management practices like planning, requirements definition, and shipment; and quality assurance practices from defining “DONE” to pair programming, version control and acceptance testing.

Assessment and Certification

All participants completing the Professional Scrum Developer course receive a password to take the Professional Scrum Developer level I assessment (PSD I). It is currently the most popular software development certification associated with Scrum in the market.

The industry-recognized PSD I certification requires a minimum passing score on this rigorous assessment. Assessment will be done online without having to go to any test centres.

Course Prerequisites

Attendees make the most of the class if they:

Other things to keep in mind

Professional Scrum Developer (PSD) is a unique course in that it is technically‐focused, team‐based, and employs timeboxes. It demands that the members of the teams self‐organize and self‐manage their own work to collaboratively develop increments of software.

This is a technical training class being delivered to teams of developers, not pairs, and not individuals. You may be required to try a new role, learn a new skill, or pair with somebody unfamiliar to you. This is just one of many examples of how the PSD course simulates reality in the classroom.

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